Dyslexia Screening

If you or your child have trouble with reading, don't stop looking for answers to your reading problems....these videos allow you to learn about a common difficulty- dyslexia.

What is dyslexia? What are some Classic Warning Signs?
What reading mistakes help me know if the problem is dyslexia?

If you watch these videos and feel that you or your child might be dyslexic, I can help confirm your observations. This can be useful in the homeschool or private school setting and workplace so the proper type of tutoring can begin. If you need a professional certification of dyslexia for access to Learning Ally (audio textbooks) contact me for a consultation (records review) or screening (records review and some testing). Please note: my findings will not help you get a public school to provide an IEP or 504 plan, workplace accommodations or college accommodations.

What should I do?

Private Tutoring

You can improve your reading skills and your child doesn't have to fall further behind. Limited tutoring spots are available.


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Dyslexia Screening

Explore your options regarding dyslexia screening.

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