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It is with tremendous pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Janet Nogrady, Solutions 4 Reading Certified Wilson Language System Instructor.

Ms. Nogrady has been an instructor for my son since September 2014. Upon meeting her, as a young child with Dyslexia, he was an 8-year old boy who was unsure of himself and frustrated with a seemingly fruitless pursuit to improve his reading skills through previous tutors, specialists and programs. Instantly, there was a connection as he was drawn in by Ms. Nogrady's warm personality, strong communication skills and genuine concern for his best interest.

At that time, I was an exasperated mother determined to find help in an area rarely understood or even talked about in many school settings, both private and public. Ms. Nogrady's knowledgeable grasp of Dyslexia and the Ortho-Gillingham multisensory methodology for the most successful Dyslexia remediation put my mind at ease.

As a television news journalist for the ABC affiliate in the Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News market, I chose to further explore this void in our education system in a television report. My hope was to educate my station's viewers and any other parent of a child facing the same challenges. Ms. Nogrady graciously agreed to be interviewed. I found her comments to be insightful and an apt description of a serious problem.

Nearly two years since we met, my son still works with Ms. Nogrady twice a week. He and I both have such a great appreciation for her creative and innovative approach to keeping her students interested and progressing. He is a young boy who is energetic and can think of a dozen things he would love to do at any given time. But he likes Ms. Nogrady and looks forward to her lessons. He even attends one session at 7:30 in the morning before school. He made a 90 and 100 on his last two reading assessments at school. He reads everyday, chapter books. And most importantly, he is proud of himself. What more could I ask for?

Thanks, Ms. Nogrady.


Janet R.

It is with great pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Janet Nogrady and Solutions 4 Reading. She has shown a great sense of dedication and support to the academic growth and success with my son for the past two years. She has always maintained a very professional yet personable relationship with him and our family. The tutoring services that she has provided have been an academic lifesaver.

My son was diagnosed with Dyslexia the summer before his second grade year. At that time we contacted the school and made preparations for him to receive accommodations and support at school to help him with reading and reading comprehension. By the end of his second grade year, we realized that he needed more support and intervention. With that being said, we met with Ms. Nogrady on June 16, 2014 and tutoring started soon after.

Since Ms. Nogrady has been tutoring him we have seen significant academic gains. His report cards are now reflecting that of an honor roll student verses the C/D report cards in previous years. He shows more interest in reading at home and his teachers send home praise reports on his continued growth in reading at school. Without the structured lessons and uninterrupted time that Ms. Nogrady given to my son, he would still be considerably behind grade level in reading.

My son's strides are largely in part to the skills he is being taught by Ms. Nogrady. We wholeheartedly recommend her tutoring services for struggling readers or those living with dyslexia.

Thank you,

April H.

My daughter had reached a point academically where there was a large amount of evidence that she was in need of some sort of intervention with her reading, and efforts being made by myself and the school staff were not supplying her with the tools that she needed in order to be successful in the third grade.

Following Ms. Nogrady's recommendation to have my daughter pursue a hearing evaluation, she was diagnosed with nerve hearing loss. This diagnosis and treatment in conjunction with the specialized care of Ms. Nogrady combined to increase her reading level from K-1st grade level (in the middle of 3rd grade) to late 3rd, early 4th grade level in a nine month period. She continued the lessons and is now on grade level.

The superb tutoring skills of Ms. Nogrady made a huge contribution to my daughter’s academic success, and her consulting and educating myself in terms of my daughter’s needs and care have proven to be invaluable to our family, and her efforts have single handedly saved a situation that could have had major and life changing ramifications for my daughter.

Rebecca G.

We highly recommend Ms. Janet Nogrady as a personal reading tutor. We are home educators who have successfully taught our two oldest children to read, yet found ourselves unable to help our struggling second grader.

We find Ms. Nogrady to be an excellent teacher. She is extremely professional, punctual, and accommodating to our home educating schedule. We also value her enthusiastic dedication to her professional development.

We whole-heartedly recommend Ms. Nogrady to those seeking to improve their dyslexic student’s learning abilities. She has earned our respect and has made a positive impact upon our family’s life with her passion for her students and her professional skills.

Chad and Laurie S.

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