Is it Dyslexia?

In simple terms Dyslexia means trouble with words. This trouble can show up in speech, spelling and reading. It is not caused by a lack of concentration, failing to pay attention or rebellion. Dyslexia research in the US has been ongoing for more than thirty years. Researchers have discovered that the dyslexic’s brain is created differently. Current studies suggest that 15-20% of the population has a reading disability. Many people with a mild form of the inherited condition simply compensate and appear quirky to their families. This video from gives some insight into how the dsylexic brain works.

Susan Barton, a strong advocate for dyslexic readers says, “Children who cannot read fluently or spell accurately are often thought to lack intelligence or motivation. But in most cases, they are neither stupid nor lazy. They have dyslexia, which makes it difficult for them to understand written language despite having a normal—or higher than normal—IQ.

Recent studies suggest that their reading difficulties are caused by identifiable genetic variations that create “faulty wiring” in certain areas of the brain. Luckily, most of our brain development occurs after we are born, when we interact with our environment. This means that the right teaching techniques can actually re-train the brain, especially when used early.”

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