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My name is Janet Nogrady and I hold a BS from Hampton University. I am a certified Wilson Language System instructor and a member of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). I became interested in the Wilson Language System (a multi sensory structured Orton Gillingham based method) while trying to help a student in my 3rd grade class.

One of my students was falling behind in her work because she couldn’t read on grade level, although she was bright. I suspected that something was not right when there was a large discrepancy between her intelligence and her reading skills. Seeking the help of a teacher who worked with the learning disabled, I was introduced to Orton-Gillingham multisensory structured methodology. Because the IDA lists Wilson Language System as a valid Orton-Gillingham based method, I chose to train with that system. After completing the course work, I taught the student I had identified until she completed levels 1-5. A Wilson trainer supervised my course work and observed lessons with my student.

After gaining my certification from Wilson, I helped my private students grow in their reading skills and became interested in how you might screen students to identify dyslexia before they become frustrated by how difficult it is for them to access the written word. I have received a certificate of completion from Bright Solutions for Dyslexia for the intensive screening class, led by Susan Barton, a well-respected teacher and speaker in the U. S. and international dyslexic community.

Because some of my students also have difficulties with handwriting (also known as dysgraphia), I have helped them by using Handwriting Without Tears®, an international program created by occupational therapists for teaching print and cursive writing. Through this method my students have been able to improve the legibility of their handwriting and their ability to read documents.

I have been using the Wilson method to help children and adults with dyslexia since 2008 and have seen amazing changes in the reading and spelling skills of my students. My students have ranged in age from five to sixty-eight years old. Whether seven or seventy, Wilson Language System works!


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